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About Us

Jigga Moving Company strives in organizing moving and cleaning solutions which allow you to move, relocate, or have a spotless home or workplace. Jigga offers superior residential cleaning and commercial cleaning services at the lowest cost guaranteed. Our goal is to save your time and money. Jigga Moving Company is a fast-growing fully licensed company, offering exceptional services such as full home relocation, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, driving, and lots of combos for moving and cleaning service in Phoenix AZ. We promise to meet and exceed all customer expectations. We accel in modifying our moving and cleaning services to the specific needs of our clients while offering an outstanding service.

Jigga Moving Company is rapidly becoming Phoenix, Arizona’s number one provider of professional moving and cleaning service. We put the customer first. Jigga Moving Company provides customers with vital information, giving the best deals on truck rentals, storage facilities, supplies and more. Customers are fully informed and we seek to facilitate a stress-free experience for customers. Jigga Moving Company provides unparalleled services at the lowest cost when compared to other competitors offering the same moving and cleaning service in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area. We provide unique custom package deals for customers wanting to combine moving and cleaning service in the Phoenix-Metro area. They can be fully customized to help clean homes and businesses of clients, exactly how they want the job done. Mopping, vacuuming, dusting, carpet cleaning, dishwashing are some of the many services that come in our exclusive packages.

Our Vision

Jigga Moving Company strives to provide clients with a full-package moving and cleaning service in Phoenix AZ. The package includes a detailed move-out/move-in cleaning service. We want to become a name that our communities grow with.

Our Mission  

Jigga Moving Company wants to ensure we provide our clients with 100 percent satisfaction on all our moving and cleaning services throughout Phoenix AZ. We make sure to safely move customers to their new location at the most affordable price. Jigga Moving Company eases the stress of moving and cleaning guaranteed to meet and exceed customer’s satisfaction. We render our services in total transparency with no hidden agenda or unforeseen costs to our clients. We are working tirelessly to give all of our customers a high-quality moving and cleaning experience. Since our inauguration, we still continue to provide impeccable moving and cleaning service in the East and West Valley.

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