Packing and Unpacking in Phoenix, AZ

Packing and unpacking can be as much of a pain as loading and unloading furniture. That is why at Jigga Moving Company, we offer packing customizable packing and unpacking options that best suit you! Jigga Moving Companies goal is to deliver superior service while saving you as much money possible. That is why we alter our packing and unpacking services to your specific needs. We provide packing and unpacking services throughout the Phoenix-Scottsdale area, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Queen Creek, and the rest of the East Valley.


Jigga Moving Companies FIRST packing and unpacking option for you to pack up everything in your home. Doing it that way allows for us to swiftly pack your heavy furniture into the truck along with your boxes to speed up and already fast process. We will provide blanket wraps during transportation to prevent scratches or harm to your furniture.


Jigga Moving Companies SECOND packing option is based on your needs. We can pack as little or as much you need in boxes along with loading heavy furniture with our complimentary blanket wraps. We can unload and assemble your furniture in your home as well upon arrival.


Jigga Moving Companies THIRD packing and unpacking option are us doing everything! It is a full-service pack and unpacks. Anything from clothes, dishes, DVD’s to toys is getting packed by us, You can rely on us for all materials to complete the job while you just sit back and relax. After all, we will be doing the unpacking as well!. You will see why Jigga Moving Company is the best in Phoenix.